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‚ÄčEarth Walk

Wellness in Nature & Sound 

Come explore Anna Maria Island and beyond with earth walks! 

Created to bring you into a relaxed beautiful natural environment while being immersed into ...

Local animal & plant inhabitants

Legends of the area

Wellness with Sound ( African drum & crystal bowl ) 

$100 per hr

*2 or less

$25 per person 

*3 or more

What is Earthing ?

What does Wellness with Sound mean?


The More ...

Intuitive Life Coaching 


30 min 


Book NOW 

‚ÄčIn person 

1 hour


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Within each of us lies a healer! 

You are your best guide to your highest potential. 

But with that said, Laurie can walk beside you as you progress, to offer the tool of insight through oracle card readings and guided journeys. 

Oracle cards are a simple way to visually see what life wants you to know and grow with. 

Along with Guided meditation journeys you can experience a peaceful and enlightening session that just may answer some pressing issues or questions in your life.